How to Win the Lottery

Far too many players I talk to spend a fortune on their game. In fact, just a couple weeks about I talked with a guy who spends up to $4,000/game!

Luckily, if you’re clever, you can get this figure down to only a fraction of that.

Before I got into winning the lottery, I worked as a photographer for 10 years, and can tell you first hand buying a lotto system is like buying a film camera.

Lottery ticket numbers.

Compared to the film you need for it, buying a professional camera is a fairly low-price investment.

As you get better pictures, you will waste less from cut-offs, red eye photos, and blurry shots. Over time, the camera starts to become more valuable to you.

By using less film, you save money.

Lottery systems work in a similar way. The more effective the guide, the less you end up paying for tickets, because you’re winning more games.

3 Tips to Help You Win the Lotto

I’ve combined all my favorite lottery winning tips and listed them below. Although I say “3″ tips, each section actually includes more. Hope you enjoy! :)

TIP #1

  • 1. Research the results from previous games around your location. Go back and look at all the numbers that won during the last game.
  • 2. Does your game have strange number patterns like this?
    - Three numbers in a row like 6, 7, 8 or 27, 28, 29.
    - Numbers close at one end, such as 31, 33, 34, 36 or 4, 5, 8, 9 (not these exact numbers, just look for a pattern).
  • 3. Make sure to play the NEXT game.

If you notice a pattern, your chance to win increases because it’s unlikely these combinations will show up again in the NEXT game.

The Silver Lotto PRO System works because it eliminates the “bad” number combinations in an advanced way. Copy the strategy by following the guide.

To improve your chances considerably, watch out for unusual number patterns, and make sure to play the NEXT game!

TIP #2

1) Believe that you’re going to win. The testimonials for win the lottery systems prove they work, and in my experience the winners continue to play, even when the last game was a no-win. They know the true power of the system and how it works. They know it will work for them, and sooner or later it’s going to pay for itself.

2) Set high goals. If you decided to give up too soon, you probably haven’t set your play target high enough. Don’t expect to win over the next 2 years, tell yourself you are going to win in under three months! Then, work to make that statement a reality by only playing games where you have the best chances.

3) Start a ritual. Go buy your lottery tickets at the same time every week. Go with the same person every time. If possible, park in the same spot (or just walk like me – it’s healthy for you). Try to ask the same sales clerk to process your tickets. Have a coffee and make sure it’s in the same shop.

4) Don’t acknowledge your losses. Anyone who is at the top of their field got there through practice and dedication. Not everyone is “gifted”, they’re just determined to make it happen. Most people I talk to have lost big-time in their lives, but fought hard to make a solid comeback. It happens all the time, read any book written by a successful person… they all have extreme determination, against all odds. The Lotto is no different, trust me.

5) Enjoy the game. Let’s remember, it’s only a game! You may have to only play 3 games before you win the lotto, or you may have to play more. But regardless the number it takes, always remember – this is not rocket science. You’re not required to do anything too difficult with the system, just trust it to work for you.

TIP #3

You won’t believe this one… buy, and actually USE the Silver Lotto System! The truth is that the system will give you an unmatched odds advantage, up to 98% when you use the PRO System. Simply put, you need less to get more results.

Here’s one example of a player that ended up winning the lottery from playing small amounts. After the 2nd week, all of their prizes were essentially free:

Week 1 – spent $30 – won $10
Week 2 – spent $60 – won $232 (from this point, my tickets were free!)
Week 3 – spent $40 – won $128
Week 4 – spent $40 – won $46
Week 5 – spent $40 – won $54
Week 6 – spent $60 – won $612
Week 7 – spent $30 – won $58
Week 8 – spent $30 – won $3,300

Cathy K.

Check out the Silver Lotto PRO System here: It works, trust me.

One additional tip… if you’re going through a string of bad luck, don’t worry about it. Learning how to win the lottery does NOT depend on how much “bad luck” you’ve had in your life.

Keep moving forward and trying your hardest, and eventually you will make your own good luck.

Change your circumstances. Winners do more, work harder, and play more.

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